Protocolli e reti

LAN Local area network
MAN Metropolitan area network
WAN Wide area network

ARPANET Arpa Network
ATM Asynchronous transfer mode
BBS Bulletin board system
DHCP Dynamic host configuration protocol
DNS Domain name system
FAX Facsimile
FIFO First in first out
FTP File transfer protocol
HTTP Hypertext transfer protocol
IP Internet protocol
IRC Internet relay chat
IIS Internet information services
LIFO Last in first out
POP3 Postal office protocol 3
PPP Point to point protocol
SLIP Serial line internet protocol
SSL Secure sockets layer
TCP/IP Transmission control protocol/internet protocol
URL Uniform resource locator
USENET User network
WAIS Wide area information service
WI-FI Wireless fidelity
WWW W3 World wide web

Bcc Blind cc
Cc Carbon copy
e-mail Electronic mail
MIME Mail interface with multimedia extensions
Multipurpose internet mail extensions
PGP Pretty good privacy

ISP Internet service provider
POP Point of presence

ADSL Asymetric dsl
DSL xDSL Digital subscriber line
HDSL High bit rate dsl
ISDN Integrated services digital network
PSDN Public switched data network

TACS ETACS Extended total access communication system
GSM Groupe special mobile
Global system for mobile communications
GPRS General packet radio service
UMTS Universal mobile telecommunications system
3G 3 Generation
3GPP 3 Generation partnership project

MMS Multimedia messaging service
SMS Short message service
WAP Wireless application protocol

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