CD Compact disc
CD-I Cd - interactive
CD-R Cd - recordable
CD-ROM Cd - rom
CD-RW Cd - recordable rewritable
DAT Digital audio tape
DVD Digital versatile disk
FD Floppy disk
HD Hard disk

CMOS Complementary metal oxide semiconductor
DDR SDRAM Double data rate sdram
DIMM Dual inline memory module
DRAM Dynamic ram
EPROM Erasable prom
EEPROM Electrically eprom
PROM Programmable rom
RAM Random access memory
RAMDAC Ram digital to analog converter
RDRAM Rambus dram
ROM Read only memory
SDRAM Synchronous dram
SGRAM Synchronous graphic ram
SIMM Sinlge inline memory module
SRAM Static ram

SD Single density
DD Double density
HD High density

BPI Bits per inch
TPI Tracks per inch

CRC Cyclic redundancy check
DMA Direct memory access
FAT File allocation table
ISAM Indexed sequential access method
LSD Least significant digit
MSD Most significant digit
RAID Redundant array of indipendent disks
WORM Write once read many

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